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Kerala Congress Asks Tharoor to Stop 'Constant Adulation' of PM Modi


Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, criticized by his party in Kerala for "his constant adulation of Narendra Modi", today said he was astonished by charges that he is pro-BJP.

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Mr Tharoor, a former union minister, has upset his party before with words of praise for Mr Modi, who took charge as prime minister in May after leading his BJP to a massive victory. What is wrong in prasing somebody for his contribution to Nation?

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Comments on this News

On 2014-10-08

Funny Boy

No comment.

On 2014-10-08


No comment.

On 2014-10-07

AAPster AAPster

All politicians are same and this is where AAP has a good chance of bringing the change..

On 2014-10-06


From praising Modi for his win to being the best buddy of Modi. He has proved to be a one of a kind opposition leader. A headache for congress..