"Of the People | By the People | To the People"

Loses its meaning After Elections

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What We Do:

Your VOTE is a Powerful Weapon!!

Why Use it Only Once in 5 Years!!

RankMyLeader Gives YOU the POWER to VOTE EVERYDAY

And EVALUATE LEADERS based on the Latest News & Developments

YOUR VOTE doesn’t just Elect Leaders!!

At RankMyLeader Your Vote Pulls Them UP or Pushes Them DOWN


Cast Your Vote on Every Action a Leader Takes, Everyday, As It Happens!

It’s Time YOU Play the Kingmaker!!

How RankMyLeader Came to Be:

RankMyLeader was born out of irritation and frustration with India’s Political Scenario.

Frustration because every 5 years we are forced to choose from under-qualified, morally impoverished, corrupt leaders and vote them to power.


Frustrated because, we are forced to choose from candidates, who play out Vote-Bank politics on communal, regional, caste and religious lines and encourage issues like quota and xenophobia – all so that they bag more votes.

Irritation because we see our elected leaders make outrageous promises before election and then mollify us with equally outrageous speeches without any action after elections. Irritated because, of the myopic vision and impractical missions of our chosen leaders.

Irritated because, we are helpless to do anything for the next 5 years and must bear the burden of our forced choices. Irritated because, this vicious cycle will repeat itself again after 5 years.

Fed by this frustration and irritation the idea behind RankMyLeader took shape and form.


How RankMyLeader Plans to Change Things

The IRONY is that this DANCE of DEMOCRAZY plays out to the Same Tune every 5 years.

Now the Million Dollar question (Dont worry, we aren’t pulling off a scam ;))!!

What Do We Do About It?? Quite Simple Actually! We need to Change the Tune that our Democracy has been Dancing to!!

How You May Ask?

The most important Note in this Dance of Democracy is Your VOTE!!

And that is exactly what RankMyLeader seeks to Change! RankMyLeader lets you VOTE:

Everyday on Issues that Matter to YOU!! You can VOTE Leaders Up or Down, based on

Everyday News and Issues on www.RankMyLeader.com! Why Wait 5 Years?

Vote Today!

Everyday!! No More Frustration! No More Irritation!!

 By the time you are through with reading what we do and what we are all about, your Frustration Levels will be down by 40% (No Guarantees however) and once you hit the Click to Proceed tab below if you choose to join us (which we are sure you would), we promise your Frustration levels will go down by another 60%!!

So Here We Go!! Click here to PROCEED and Exercise Your Power to VOTE!!