26 May, 2014

The Bharatiya Janta Party has finally done what none of their recent predecessors and opponents could have dreamt of accomplishing. “Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar”, the slogan that defined these elections has finally been brought true with them obtaining numbers, even they may not have imagined.

Bagging an absolute majority in these elections, the BJP has decimated the opposition to such an extent that they find it difficult to even have an opposition leader. In fact, as per the Constitution of India, none of their opponents have the numbers to have a leader of opposition.

Now as Mr. Modi is sworn as the new Prime Minister of India, he will be taking over the helm of the largest democracy in the world and steer its course for at least the next 5 years. So, what next?

What Does the Future Hold with Mr. Modi?

So what does the future hold now that ‘Modi Sarkaar is in Power’? Will he live up to his promises of development? Will he dispel the fears of a communal India and move the country to calmer and more prosperous waters?

But then that is the million dollar question. To quote a cliché, time and again, have we not been failed by our chosen leaders? Haven’t they failed to come true to the promises they had made? Did we not vote for the UPA for two consecutive terms? What was the result?

They left us high and dry with a series of scams. Not being cynical, but these are pretty valid fears if we look at previous examples. We have suffered too long to probably be optimistic about the future.

What are the Challenges Ahead?

From the economy’s point of view, the biggest and foremost challenge for the Modi Sarkar would be to get the economy back on track and resuscitate industrial houses which have been ailing for the last few years because of crippled economic policies and a laggard approach by the UPA government.

Next on the agenda would be to ensure that the minorities feels secure. The general feeling during these Lok Sabha elections has been that the BJP was unable to please the minorities. We hope that this does not lead to vindictiveness among the minorities.

A mark of a true leader is defined in ensuring all communities co-exist in harmony and peace and this is what probably would be the biggest challenge that the Modi Sarkaar will probably face.

Will They Keep Their Promises: We Got Our Fingers Crossed!!

There were plenty of promises made during the elections by all the parties (nothing new about that). Since Congress has totally lost these elections, they will probably have to wait another 5 years to fulfil theirs, but for BJP - it’s a totally different ball game - they will have to ensure that they actually fulfill the promises they made.

We at congratulate the new government and though we have always had our doubts about every new government (as of now all of them have failed us), we hope the new government will surprise us the right way J

We hope the vicious cycle stops this time and Mr. Modi lives up to the expectations.

26 May, 2014

Alright! We have been getting lots of feedback on the user-friendliness of and believe us when we say we have been working around the clock to improve the website.
The point is to make it easy and simple for everyone to use. Here are few pointers to help familiarize you with the changes

on the website:
Improved Usability

a. The Improvised Vote page is here: You can go to our vote page and check out the new design. We have made it clean and in a systematic flow, where you get to view the news first and then we ask for your opinion and finally, you can Vote and this is not it, the rating section has a new color changing effect, where it stays red from -5 to -1, yellow from +1 to +3 and green from +3 to +5.

This is to dignify your evaluation of leader from worst to excellent.

b. Single Step Voting: You can now Vote all the leaders linked or tagged to the news in a single step. From the feedback we received, the earlier 3 step voting process for individual leaders was proving to be tedious. Now, you can login and vote for all the connected leaders tagged to a single news and post a common comment for all of them in one single step.

c. Facebook Integration: Commenting through Facebook is child’s play now. Next time you login from Facebook, you can directly comment on a news item using Facebook’s comment feature.

Coming Soon:

a. Leader Email Notifications to let you know about the latest news related to your favorite leaders on

b. Voting on Leaders’ Social Media Updates: Voting facility on tweets and Facebook updates of leaders on their page will be available soon!

c. Revamped Home page and Rankometer page and the list is endless…

And you can add to the list by emailing us anytime at We are always open to ideas and won’t mind working overtime to ensure all your demands are taken care of.

Till we update you next…Ciao!!!

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8 May, 2014

So you voted your MLA or MP in the last elections with a hope of change. A change you wanted to see in your area, in the country. And since we are talking about change, haven’t we been hoping for these changes since independence? But, guess what? The only thing that seems to have changed is the bank balance of our leaders. While the whole country suffers from the Sensex’s PMSey mood swings, recession’s dicey attitude or crumbling infrastructure, their bank balance is one entity which has always been on an upswing.
Make Promises to Get Votes - Get Elected - Forget Promises - Make Money - Repeat

This seems to be the Mantra our leaders follow! Every five years, this vicious circle repeats itself. We vote them to power and they make a mockery of our vote. Only to come back in the next elections and repeat the same old “promise” shit. You don’t need to take our word for it. Just go and take a look at the manifestos of all the parties campaigning in these elections and compare it with what they promised us the last time. And if you find anything that’s not the same as the promises in their manifesto from the last elections, feel free to pour it all into our ‘contact us’ box.

The Congress still continues to campaign making promises to do something for the poor and backward classes of the country. Makes us wonder what they were doing for the last 10 years. BJP still wants a Ram Mandir and even we don’t know why they still want it.

The government splurges huge amounts of money on campaigns urging us to Vote. But why should one vote when nothing changes? You voted during the last elections and in the elections before that, but has anything really changed?
The road in front of your home still cannot stand the wrath of the rain gods; the electricity takes more breaks than the ads in between TV soaps and vegetables used to be affordable, years back. The rich are getting richer and the poor? We don’t want to write poorer because they are turning into strugglers, a level below poor.

The question which haunts us is what we should do after we have voted a leader to power. What should we do, once we have sent Mr/Mrs Leader to represent our constituency at the state and/or national level? Probably, wait another 5 years and then see another replacement come in and make a mockery of our Vote.

We at RankMyLeader are not trying to do magic. There’s already been enough of this magic over the years, with our money doing a vanishing act and reappearing magically in Swiss Bank accounts of our leaders. We are trying to let you evaluate your leaders on their day to day comments, news and activities.

Next time, they make a venomous statement or get caught with their pants down or better, pants up and money under the table, you Vote them on scale of -5 to +5 on our site and we will rank them based on an algorithm, which remains discrete and non-corrupt.

Not that, everyone is bad and ugly with their deeds. History throws us a surprise or two from time to time and this is where you can be on a positive side and give them a good rating by using your vote.

Why wait five years, when you can Vote them up or down every time they give you a chance to?