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Raped by Politicians

An image is worth 1000 words and the one used with this blog (courtesy : the Logical Indian : https://www.facebook.com/logical.indian) is worth a million.

The whole country has had it with our bunch of insensitive politicians, who runs across all ages and political parties.

In 2012, the Nirbhaya rape case took the whole nation by storm. It was a gruesome incident, which kept reminding us on how insensitive our nation had become to women. This incident was a tight slap on the face of everyone, who took pride in calling themselves citizen of a nation that worships goddesses and has a history of brave women like Rani Lakshmi Bai.

While the whole nation had slept on these issues for years, this incident awakened the giant. There were protests, dharnas, etc which were followed by series of steps taken by government (We are not sure on how many of those have been implemented till date). At the end of the day, the whole nation hung its head in shame but like every other issue, this one did not affect a certain breed - our politicians who are immune to any kind of shame.

The recent Badaun incident and the series of more recent rape cases across the country would have led to the obvious implementation of stricter rules and harsher punishments for the guilty. The recent comments made by our leaders on rape remind us that they did not come to power for improving law and order but to make money. As one of the DGPs in UP said, this is a routine thing. Makes me wonder, if rape can be called routine - and even if it is routine, why isn’t anything being done.

Ultimately, these are the same politicians who have been chosen and sent as MLAs and MPs by us. Probably, male chauvinism has blinded them to see the obvious and has stopped them from growing out of their viewing of women as an Object.

No wonder, the mockery and absurdity of their comments has demeaned the position they hold as the representatives of public. Add to it, the apathy, insensitivity, shamelessness of our leaders. The audacity with which they go around expressing their regretful opinions should make us wonder what we did wrong to deserve this.

On one hand you have veterans like Babulal Gaur, Mulayam Singh calling rape, a mistake that boys make, which could be right or wrong (kills me) and on the other hand, you have our educated, tech savvy CM of UP evading the question on rape aggressively by asking us to not to worry, as we are safe.

You are absolutely sir. We are safe but for how long?

We have been ostriches for too long, with our necks inside the ground hoping for the obvious to not to happen to us. You are absolutely right in pointing to us that why should we worry, we are safe.
Probably, this is what has made us so weak and complacent - we have started considering ourselves as someone who could not touched by all this.

It took a Nirbhaya to bring back our senses and realize this is not Normal. It could happen to anyone, you, me or my sister or anyone near and dear to us.

If rape is bad, the unwanted comments these politicians make are worse. When I was in school, my principal always asked a question to the teachers “Who will Police the policemen?”

“Mr. Leader” It has been really long, since I passed out of school but every time I see your irresponsible comments on rape, the same question comes back to me.

“Who will stop you from making such blatant comments?”

“Who will teach you basics of sensitivity?”

“Who is going to teach you difference in between right and wrong?”

and while the rapists go around raping women, you rape all of us by rubbing salt on our wounds with your insensitive comments.

Alas!!! If only, I was given a chance to re-vote every time something like this happened.