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NDA in new boots

With the hype and hoopla subduing around “Aaa Gayi Modi Sarkar”, the government has had its share of ups and downs in last 1 month.

With the PM closely monitoring even the sneezing of his ministers, here are a few of the notable movements in last one month of the new government:


The ups:

  • Knitting a close relationship with neighbors: Modi’s over extended handshake to Nawaz Shareef will go down in history as a hand which went that extra mile to ensure an amicable relationship is established with our estranged neighbor. And then there were almost all the leaders from nearby countries attending the swearing in ceremony. This was a big positive for a new government starting in.


  • Close Monitoring: Mr. Modi means business and this has been reflected in the way bureaucrats are now being seen conducting themselves; the new ministers being asked to present a road map to how they envision their ministries working.


  • Securing release of Indian nurses in Iraq: Modi’s Foreign Ministry handled the situation commendably by securing the release of the 46 nurses captured by insurgent group ISIS in Iraq through diplomatic means.


The downs:

  • Foot in Mouth syndrome: As soon as the new government was sworn in, Jitendra Singh, an MP from Jammu & Kashmir kicked off the article 370 controversy. This was followed by V. K. Singh’s controversial tweet on the appointment of the new army chief. And just when we thought BJP loud months had adopted silence, Dr. Harshwardhan pulled off a major gaffe by speaking against condoms and sex education.


  • No Country for Old Men: “70+ are banned” is the new mantra of BJP, which meant there was no place for old stalwarts like Advani and Joshi. They have been totally snubbed aside by the new so called younger BJP generation.


  • The fuss about Sick Economy: We have heard and seen it in the past. Every new government coming to power blames the old one for the bad state of economy. Can we get down to business Now! We know the honeymoon wasn’t good and the marriage of the country’s economy to the last government wasn’t a rosy affair…This is why we gave the BJP a chance. Can the new government after making its lofty promises, please stop cribbing and get down to business.