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Has BJP’s charm worn off post 2014 Lok Sabha elections?

The results of recent bypoll elections has left the top BJP brass with sleepless nights and a definite introspection of their strategies for fighting the upcoming state level elections in Maharashtra and Haryana.

(Vote at : BJP B-team delivers a dud, vote share drops in most states)


Before bypolls, the general assumption in political circles was that it would be a cake walk for BJP, which had just come back with a thunderous victory in the 2014 lok sabha elections, having trounced the nearest opposition in all the states with a huge margin of victory.

Unfortunately, we as the voters of this country have had this uncanny tendency of surprising the unsurprised. We did this when NDA was sure to win their next elections, having successfully finished a 5 year tenure under Atal Bihari Vajeypayee. The tag line “India Shining Campaign” looked too assuring and promising to have led to a defeat.

Even the worst of BJP detractors in their nightmarish dreams could not have imagined a UPA government coming to power in those elections and then we went a step further by getting the tainted UPA government back to power after their turbulent first 5 years.

So what went wrong for BJP in these recent bypoll elections?

Has the promise of “ache din aaney waley hain” lived past the expiry date?

The hardcore BJP loyalists are looking at this defeat as a slight hiccup. They believe BJP is too strong a party to recover from this small defeat and will definitely prove the detractors wrong by the upcoming state level elections.

Surprisingly, this small defeat is not as small as the gravity of word “small” sounds.

Consider the following facts:

BJP lost seats in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, two of the major strongholds for BJP. Add to this, the defeat BJP suffered in U.P, where BJP barely won a seat or two. A state where they had surprised everyone in the lok sabha elections.

Some blamed the hardcore communal politics of their sitting BJP state chief responsible for this defeat and argued that BJP has to move beyond the Hindu-Muslim politics, if the party has to establish itself as a force to reckon with in all the states.

We at RankMyLeader agree no less.

Though the party could find solace in the fact that they have been able to open their account in West Bengal. Again, is this too small a consolation win for a party aiming to form government in states like West Bengal?


With the upcoming state level elections just around the corner, the path does not seem very clear for the party in Maharashtra. The disagreement between BJP, led by the newly appointed leader Amit Shah and the Shiv Sena Supremo, Uddhav thakre is no secret.

While the BJP, at the back of a perfect result in the recent election wanted a major share in the state level elections (a first of a kind since the days, when Bal thakre would call the shots) their state level ally in Maharashta refused to shell out more seats for them.

The Big Brother image worked perfectly for BJP until the results of bypoll elections came out but post bypoll results, the equation has now changed.

The Shiv Sena has refused to relent and has stuck to not giving any further seats to their NDA senior ally, thereby leading to a divorce in between the two political parties.

They have parted ways and will fight the upcoming Maharashtra elections as individual parties and not allies.

This recent disagreement has opened a new window of opportunity for the beleaguered Congress. Although, the party performed above everyone’s expectations in the recent by polls. This small victory in bypolls could very well be the shot in arm to boost their confidence.

We might be going overboard with our analysis into the recent bypoll elections and probably, BJP and Shiv Sena can get back their bohemia post state level elections but as of now, the road to the state level elections surely looks bumpy for BJP.