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A 5 pointer on why reviving congress is an uphill task

A 5 pointer on why reviving congress is an uphill task

Congress, a political party which has been in power for years is a different party today. 10 years at the center was followed by a drubbing in the recently held lok sabha polls and the party today is a different outfit.

Struggling for survival against a rejuvenated BJP under the leadership of Modi, the Congress is confused, running out of ideas under the leadership Of Mr. Gandhi.

Here is our analysis:

1. Directionless leadership:

The only problem with Mr. Rahul Gandhi is his style of functioning. The party sees in him a confused leader, who does not understand ground level politics and wants to run congress like a corporate office, without understanding the realities of Indian Political Structure.
In last lok sabha elections, while Mr. Modi’s campaign was tailor made to appeal to masses, Rahul Gandhi’s campaign was a drag, showcasing him as a leader, who is trying to come out of his mother’s shadows.

By the end of campaign, the writing on the wall was clear “BJP will win” and it did win with a record margin.

2. Infighting in between the old and young faction:

Congress is a party struggling hard to bridge the old-young divide. On one hand, they have a set of veteran leaders on whose shoulder the party has survived for years and on the other, they have the new breed of young leaders, who due to their proximity to Rahul

Gandhi keep challenging the Old Guard time and again. Despite congress’s denial about an internal party tussle, the disagreement is very much evident.

While BJP has made the 70+ retirement rule mandatory in their party, congress is stills struggling to get rid of the old guard, which has openly criticized the young Gandhi scion and his band of young leaders for not doing enough during last elections.

3. The suspensions and expulsions add to the vows

Post lok sabha elections, there has been a series of veteran leaders being suspended from the party for raising their voice against the high command.

Some of the expelled/suspended party leaders have been with party well before Mr. Gandhi was in his teens.

Punishing them for calling Rahul Gandhi a Joker or questioning his style of functioning is a bit harsh and the harsh steps coming at a time, when the party cadre is demoralized further add to the woes of Congress.

Most of these leaders have joined the opposition party BJP (recently in Haryana elections) and have ensured congress’s shrinking vote share is further reduced by a considerable margin in state elections.

The anti-incumbency factor plus the disgruntled congress leaders joining BJP is considered as one of the primary reasons for congress loosing an old bastion like Haryana to BJP.

Time has come for congress to have a proper introspection of the party. Expulsions and suspensions are going to further dampen the mood of party worker struggling to revive the party.

4. The Modi Tsunami:

When Amit shah called Modi Wave a Modi tsunami in his inimitable style, he wasn’t joking. The Modi wave started before lok sabha elections and after wiping off congress in the election, the wave turned in to a tsunami routing congress off its feet in strategic states of Maharashtra and Congress.

Modi is a master strategist and knows how to play to masses.

A quality congress desperately needs today.

Unfortunately, Modi is here to stay and has the support of masses behind him.

Add it the new version of Modi, in the forms of Modi 2.0.

Congress lacks a leader or a strategy to counter the Modi style of functioning and when leaders like Tharoor openly come out and support Mr. Modi, the message is clearly passed.

“No one wants to be a part of a sinking ship”

5. The damaad gate is going to haunt congress for ages

All the elections in last one year have one thing in common. BJP attacking Congress for Mr. Robert Vadhra’s corruption scandals.

BJP has been milking this issue in every elections and will milk it further in all the upcoming elections, until and unless, Mr. Vadhra either disappears from public eye or does something noble like returning all his ill-gotten wealth.

A country suffering from economic slowdown and series of corruption scandals will never vote a party, which was at helm of affairs when all this was happening.

Despite the numerous denials from Congress about Mr. Vadra’s involvement in any corruption scandals, the facts and figures are for everyone to see. Add to it, Mr. Khemka’s struggle with Haryana government to fight against the misdoings.

Congress kind of dug its own grave by letting Haryana Govt go on a witch hunt against the IAS officer, who dared to expose the DLF-Vadhra deals.

Congress is not going through a lean patch but a worse phase.

The task to revive the party is not tough but herculean.

These are some of the news where Congress has been able to get in limelight in last few months:

Vadra made Rs 44 crore windfall gain in Haryana deal: CAG

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